Why You Need A Short Break


When the New Year rolls around, most people are pretty good at planning the next 12 months, at least generically. School terms, important business dates and new exercise regimes are usually on the list along with family commitments and good intentions to catch up with friends.

But most of us don’t plan consistent short breaks or weekend getaways. Sure, we will put a big trip in the diary, usually at the expense of any other annual leave for the year, but what about the other 49 weeks?


Here is why you need at least one (or two) short breaks every year.


1. Mental Health


Stress is the number one cause of depression and anxiety. The modern world is rife with stressful situations, short deadlines that keep getting shortened, unreasonable bosses and toxic workplaces. Even if you are fortunate enough to work in a supportive environment, by the end of the first quarter you are likely feeling a certain amount of fatigue.

A long weekend getaway takes you out of your workplace and forces you to focus on physical activity, giving your mind a rest and getting your body moving.


2. Performance at Work


As your stress goes up, your energy goes down. As your energy decreases, so does your cognitive ability, and motivation. There is a reason that low performance and a lack of sleep are so intertwined. Remember how you felt at the start of the year? How much would your performance increase if you felt that way again?

An active short break not only gives your mind time to rest, it will also allow you to emotionally recharge. The importance of being active cannot be overstated; you don’t have several days to wind down, and so being immediately distracted from your day-to-day is vital.




Over the Christmas break, we get together with our family and enjoy ourselves. People we haven’t seen in ages are greeted as long lost friends, and all the sins of the past are forgiven.

Fast forward a few months and those people who are closest to you are suddenly the most annoying humans on earth.


Because your emotional bank is running low. Without a break, you start to see faults where there aren’t any and small things start to get on your nerves.

That thing someone said, which wasn’t really important.

The car following too closely.

The behaviour of your family.

Getting out of your home environment is just as important as taking a break from work. It doesn’t take long to gain perspective, and the fastest way to do that is to do something new.


4. Courage


It may seem a little lofty, but the more adventures we have, the more courageous we become. By moving out of our comfort zone and pushing ourselves both mentally and physically, we become comfortable with discomfort.

Truly courageous people can move from situation to situation without stress or discomfort, and this type of charismatic behaviour only comes about through practice.

Active short breaks or long weekend getaway is an investment in yourself. They will make you braver and more resilient. Best of all, they are enjoyable adventures and build memories that will last a lifetime.


Feeling like you need a head away on a short break or long weekend getaway?  A short time away from the realities of life can be all you need to reset and recharge. 


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