Top Healthy Cafes in Bali


From trendy Seminyak, touted as Bali’s most stylish and upscale beach resort area, to hip & happening Canggu, the healthy café scene in Bali has exploded and is seemingly unstoppable. Vegan, paleo, gluten free and everything in between, you will be able to find an option perfect when you are searching for a healthy meal in Bali. We have narrowed down the list of our Top Healthy Cafes in Bali that you should check out when you need a healthy hit!

The food scene in Bali is forever changing and there are so many new and exciting places opening all the time. Blink and there is another new restaurant, café or bar bringing a unique offering to this holiday hot spot. Whilst there are options across Bali to indulge until your hearts content, it really is a mecca for healthy eating and it is easy to keep to your healthy lifestyle when you are on holidays. It seems the newest health trends are brought to market in a flash and with such irresistible produce grown island wide, meals are fresh and tasty.  Our top healthy cafes in Bali really just scratches the surface, but rest assured you won’t be disappointed.


Top Healthy Cafes in Bali

But first coffee….

It took a little while for travellers to Bali to be able to find good coffee, let alone a double shot almond latte. The morning brew used to consist of sachets of Indo Café adorning the mini-bar or thick soupy coffee blends served at cafes. But things have really changed in the last few years. The coffee scene is booming, and you will find all the varieties you could ever want to satisfy your caffeine cravings. The quality and options available at most cafes is as good, if not better, than some cafes at home, largely thanks to a large contingent of Australians involved in managing cafes.


Revolver Espresso – Seminyak

The pioneers of great coffee in Bali, it is still one of the best! Now with two locations in Seminyak (keep an eye out for Baby Revolver – blink & you’ll miss it!), they also do great breakfasts. The team at Revolver are committed to sourcing some of the best beans from around the world and they roast and blend their own unique varieties in their own own roastery in Seminyak. Known for great coffee, excellent service, delicious food and an awesome atmosphere you will be sure to make this your daily ritual. Also offers extended trading into the night for dinner & drinks until late.

Must try:
– House blend cold brew to ward-off the Bali heat
– Smith & Westen aka smashed avo, herbs, cherry tomatoes on sour dough.

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Motion Fitness Café – Canggu

One of our favourites and always our first stop when we arrive in Bali. Motion Café serves up some of the freshest and best food on the island, with paleo and gluten free options in abundance. All menu items are wholesome & super tasty… you won’t believe the options of healthy food available. The salads are huge, full of organic produce and just bursting with flavour. But you must check out their sweet potato waffles… life changing!   Or the veggie wok, as simple as it sounds it is cooked to perfection and tastes delicious.  

The café also has a great “take-home” section for wholesome snacks, treats, drinks & meals. On top of the list is their in house Jamu tonic or healthy muesli bars to take with you for an afternoon treat. Guests on our Motion Fitness Holidays are in for a real treat as all the meals included in our signature programs are thoughtfully prepared from the Motion Fitness Café kitchen.

Must try:
– Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle with Fruit Salad and Coconut Cream
– Mega Chicken Salad, appropriately named as it is MEGA!

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Café Organic – Seminyak & Canggu

Café Organic offers health conscious vegetarian meals with a passion for simple dishes using fresh, locally farmed produce. Now open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, the cafe very popular due to the high quality of food & variety of menu choices.

Planned or not, the interior of the café has the prettiest wall for your social media shots. After all, if it’s not on Instagram you didn’t really go! Also has a new outlet in Canggu but don’t be surprised if new locations pop up soon.

Must try:
– Nourish Bowl for when you need to up your veggies washed down with Ginger Sour Kombucha
– Falafel Pocket bursting with goodness. Guaranteed to fill you up!

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Kynd Café – Seminyak

A relatively recent addition to the café scene in Bali, Kynd serves awesome plant-based food that is as pretty as a picture. Think coffee, smoothies, juices, healthy salads and delicious treats, that will show you how good plant-based meals can be. There smoothie bowls are an artful display, a real work of art that is almost too pretty to eat!

Make sure you hit this café up after your morning workout at Motion Fitness Studio, located just across the road. Although small in stature, this café offers up big flavours and a very well-thought-out vegan menu with some unique options. Put it on your list!!

Must try:
– The Instagram worthy signature “Bali vibes” smoothie bowls
– Kynd Big Mac…. Yes, a plant-based version that tastes as good, if not better than the naughty one, with zero guilt!

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Shady Shack – Canggu

This breezy, vegetarian, health food café overlooks the rice fields in Canggu and serves up some delicious options. A beautiful tropical little paradise to escape to with shady veranda or garden seating options to enjoy. It is a popular spot and snagging a table is worth the wait as you could easily spend a solid hour or two chilling out under the palm trees with rice field views. The Shady Shack’s menu is vegetarian with plenty of delicious vegan creations. Make sure you save some room for dessert and the display cabinet is jammed packed with wholefood, tasty treats that are hard to believe are healthy. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Must try:
– Super salads, either the Nori Bowl or Go Green Bowl.. Yum!
– Gyro Jack Burger with on a gluten-free bun

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Peloton Superstore

You won’t believe some of the vegan creations at this café. It’s not all about salads here, although their catch cry is “GREEN is GOOD” the special menu was designed to show you Plant Based diets can be super fun too. Even if you are a meat fan at heart, your taste buds will play tricks on you as you tuck into their huge range of vegan options, which includes burgers, tacos and pasta. In fact, many can be overheard commenting that they can’t believe it’s not chicken! Part plant-based cafe & part bicycle store, the café has an interesting industrial fit out and they also serve excellent smoothies & coffee, on nut milk of course. Open all day for breakfast, lunch & now dinner.

Must try:
– Tricken Chicken Burger served with delicious sweet potato fries
– Ms. Jackson marinated BBQ jackfruit taco

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Now over to you!  Let us know of any other cafes that you think should be on our Top Healthy Cafes in Bali.  We’ve got more tips to keep you fit while travelling here => Top Tips On Staying Fit While Travelling.

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