Top Reasons to Enjoy a Cycling Holiday


We are big fans of cycling holidays.  They are such a great way to discover nature and get off the beaten track!  Some of our favourite travel experiences have been on two wheels, where we have cycled through remote villages to meet the locals or zipped down mountain tops with the breeze in our hair.  Adding to the memory bank of unforgettable travel experiences.  There’s no other kind of holiday that lets you immerse yourself in your surroundings and get so close to nature, while moving on to a different place each day. And it’s addictive – once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to go again.

Want to know more?  We have narrowed down our top reasons to give you some insights.

Top reasons to enjoy a Cycling Holiday


Perfectly Balanced

You will find the perfect balance of nature, adventure and relaxation with a cycling or mountain bike holiday.  You will be immersed in the landscapes and delight in so much more than when travelling by vehicle or bus. You get plenty of time to have time to look around, take photos and check out points of interest along the way.  If you see anything of interest, you can just stop with ease and explore a little more.  It is the perfect chance to escape every day life and recharge your batteries in the sun and fresh air.

Stay Active

Holidays can often be focused on inactivity and food as they are a break from your regular routine and rules. But just imagine returning home feeling fitter and healthier than when you left, whilst still indulging in all the delights along the way.  The wonderful thing about taking a cycling holiday is that you will continue your healthy lifestyle as every day involves gentle exercise and fresh air. But it isn’t at the expense of all the luxuries a holiday should provide.  You will enjoy all the spoils of local gourmet meals, luxury accommodation and the opportunity to stop by world class cellar doors to sample wine.  And work it all off with peddle power!


With options to join a small group tour that departs on a specific date or independent options which are self-guided, there are plenty of choices available.  Either way you are always fully supported to enjoy a stress-free escape that will have you feeling refreshed, revived and alive.  Meet new friends on an organised group tour or get your friends together to form your own group to explore a new area and have lots of fun.

No Baggage 

A cycling holiday should be a breathtaking experience because of the scenery, not because you’re struggling with heavy bags. A great advantage of booking with organised cycling holidays is that luggage transfers are all taken care of. All of your belongings that you don’t need for the day are transferred to your onward accommodation, leaving you to cover the day’s journey at your leisure.  All you need is a small pack with daily essentials and water to keep you hydrated.  Too easy!

No experience necessary

Generally, all levels of cycling ability can be accommodated on a cycling tour and the distance covered on each day is carefully planned and managed.  Each cycling holiday is rated for difficulty, so you don’t need to be an “expert” or “super-fit” to enjoy the benefits of a cycling holiday.  Which also means that there is no need to embark on a strenuous training program before you go – unless you want to!

Cycling holidays combine the best cycling destinations within Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Our cycling tours allow you time to see the sights, retreat to luxury and discover gourmet produce and wines.  Explore some of our fabulous CYCLING HOLIDAY OPTIONS and get ready to enjoy the freedom of the ride.